bolex_h16_picWell, I haven’t posted to the blog in ages as I’ve been really busy with work and my training at Escape Studios. I’ve been working on my 3D Final Project of modelling a 1950s Bolex H16 Cine Camera. It’s a really beautiful object but has been a huge task to model as it just has so many parts!

On the plus side I have learned a LOT having to tackle each modelling obstacle. Learning MAYA feels a bit like scaling The Wall in Game of Thrones. You think you are making progress and then suddenly discover there is more to climb as you uncover yet another dialogue box or interface with loads of options and settings.

An important part of the project is to find a good ‘backplate’ to comp my final modelled camera into. I spent a Saturday morning in July wondering around central London trying to find a good location. My initial idea was to find some kind of a vintage shop that had camera equipment so that I could take some shots of a display case or window display with other vintage cameras in it with a space to add my model into. The purpose of the exercise is to integrate the 3D model so well that you can’t tell which camera is a virtual one.

I found a couple of nice vintage/retro shops in Notting Hill Gate including the lovely ‘Retro Home & Jewelery’. However, I eventually stumbled upon the amazing Aperture in Rathbone Place. After having a chat with the lovely guys in the shop they agreed to let me take some pictures of their display cabinet and were so helpful. I also took some pics of a mirror sphere in the cabinet so that later I could use the images for image based lighting.

I’ll post some final renders when I have finished the project but for now here are some renders of my nearly finished model. I still need to add a few bits and sort out the textures as it looks too clean at the moment. I need to add 60 years worth of grime and scuffs to it!