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Digital Designer and musician. Currently freelancing in London. I've been lucky enough to work with some great clients, including: Google, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, The Football Association, VW.

3D Final Project

Well, I haven't posted to the blog in ages as I've been really busy with work and my training at Escape Studios. I've been working on my 3D Final Project of modelling a 1950s Bolex H16 Cine Camera. It's a really beautiful object but has been a huge task to model as it just has so many parts! On the plus side I have learned a LOT having to tackle each modelling obstacle. Learning MAYA feels a bit like scaling The Wall in Game of Thrones. You think you are making progress and then suddenly discover there is more to climb as you uncover yet another dialogue box or interface with loads of options and settings.
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Luxo Lamps and Coliseums

I'm now in the fourth month of my 3D training course. We recently finished the module on animation where we built, rigged and animated a Luxo style lamp (as per Pixar's first animated short). It took a few lessons to build and rig the lamp so by the time we came to the animation there was little time to perfect things. Personally this is the area of working in 3D that really interests me so it was a little disappointing to hear that we would not be doing much more on animation on the course. Still I feel I have enough of a grasp of the basics to go off and start experimenting.
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Responsive Email Design

Usually creating emails that are compatible across all email clients is one of the less exciting parts of my job. However, recently I've been getting an increasing amount of requests for 'responsive' email designs from clients. By responsive people generally mean an email that sizes down elegantly to display well on smartphone or tablet.
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First 3D training ‘Rustic’ scene render

My first attempt at a 3D scene rendering. So after the first month of 3D training at Escape Studios, last night we finally started pulling together all of the objects we have been modelling and texturing over the weeks to build our 'rustic scene'. It was quite exciting to import all of our different [...]

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