3D Eyeball

My first attempt at creating an eye in MAYA.

For two evenings a week for the last month I have been doing a 3D training course in modelling, texturing and animation using MAYA at the excellent Escape Studios in Shepherd’s Bush.  The entire course lasts for seven months.

The learning curve in MAYA is huge as (like other 3D programs) it’s essentially like 3 or 4 programs in one, since there are so many aspects to learning 3D. You have the modelling side which means learning all about polygons, surfaces, NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines whatever that actually means), extrusions. That’s a whole discipline in itself.

Then once you have modeled something you need to give it some colours and textures. Then of course lighting and cameras etc. and that’s before you even touch on the animation side of things.

So, it’s still early days but so far I’m enjoying it immensely. The trainer Dan is excellent and everything is explained clearly and in detail. So far not a very chatty class as everyone is just concentrating as best they can to keep on top of everything.

I have attempted to learn MAYA from online courses and books in the past but nothing beats classroom learning for something so complicated. It just seems to be one of those subjects where it helps to follow someone doing something and also doing lots of repetition.

Our first project has been preparing objects for a ‘Rustic Scene’ so we have been modelling fruit, chairs, barrels etc. I’m going to add examples to the blog throughout the course.