3D Rustic Scene

My first attempt at a 3D scene rendering.

So after the first month of 3D training at Escape Studios, last night we finally started pulling together all of the objects we have been modelling and texturing over the weeks to build our ‘rustic scene’.

It was quite exciting to import all of our different objects into the room background and start ‘dressing the set’ as they say in the theatre. Once we had placed things on the set we set up a basic camera through which we were going to render our scene. After messing about with the camera settings then you need to make some further tweaks to your set while looking through the camera.

The real magic starts to happen when you begin to add lighting to the scene. It was a pleasant surprise to find that my acting experience at Questors Theatre was really helpful as I had an idea of how a stage set is lit and knew instantly what terms like a ‘gobo‘ meant.

We did a basic 3 light setup to start off with using a main light (with a tree gobo), a fill light which I gave an orange tinge so it could be from a fireplace or candle and a ‘rim light’ which highlights the edges of objects from the back.

The result was not as photo realistic as I would have like but as a first attempt I was really pleased with it. I can see that lighting in 3D is a massive subject and a real skill, much in the same way as set lighting for theatre is. I think I will pay much more attention to what the lighting guy is doing next time I get involved in a production!