I’ve recently been following the excellent modelling tutorial by Pixelbahn for modelling a Rolex watch in MAYA.

I learned so much from this challenging 3D modelling project. I think it really helped to consolidate all of the knowledge I gained at Escape studios and do something at my own pace. To be honest I had to leave MAYA alone for a while after the Escape course as I work got pretty busy and I just needed a break from MAYA.

The most fun bit of this project for me has been the lighting and texturing. I’m still working on my final renders and want to make the Rolex look like it’s been worn for a while rather than a brand new product.

Above are some test renders. I have already added some light scratches to the glass and outer ring dial. I’m currently working out how to add some dirt and fingerprints. When my final renders are completed I will add them to the portfolio pages.